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Dallas United FC


DALLAS UNITED FC, a local competitive club formed through LHSA.  DALLAS UNITED will field youth teams in the Academy League and in the Boys and Girls Classic Leagues and Plano Competitive League.  DALLAS UNITED will cater to the families in central and north Dallas and surrounding areas. Based on the overwhelming requests for such a local club.  DALLAS UNITED began with the consolidation of existing competitive clubs and teamsformed by LHSA recreational coaches.  DALLAS UNITED will be adding more players and new teams. 

DALLAS UNITED has two Technical Directors:  Marcel Pinto and Andy Pell at this time and a number of other coaches.  Each of their soccer resumes are posted on the DALLAS UNITED  website at:  DALLAS UNITED team practices will be held at Moss Park.  It is anticipated that many DALLAS UNITED academy age teams (U7-10)will play in DIAL – Dallas Invitational Academy League - which plays at Moss; while all current competitive teams (U11-19) play in the Plano Premier League.  The coaching staff of DALLAS UNITED is dedicated to providing the ultimate in player development, including special goalkeeper training and a special emphasis on speed and agility training – which is unique among all soccer clubs in the area.  DALLAS UNITED coaching PHILOSOPHY:  To provide kids the opportunity to learn the game of soccer and instill in them the love and beauty of the game, not only as kids, but as adults as well. 

DALLAS UNITED has future plans to be a fully vertically integrated soccer club with players from academy age through adults.  Any local adults interested in forming or joining a DALLAS UNITED adult team should contact us at 214-221-0808. 

For more information or to join DALLAS UNITED, please contact us at 214-221-0808.


Marcel Pinto - CLICK HERE to view resume  678-361-0588


Dallas United will have a very economical cost structure.  At this time all team costs are based on the specific team; therefore, a full discussion of the costs will come from the applicable coach.


Almost all practices and academy trainings will be at Moss Park (once it is open for the Fall season).  Exact times and dates will be specific to each team.


League Teams


Playing League



02G Dallas Utd (Rockets)

Andy Pell

Plano D1

04G Dallas Utd Black

David Collins

David howard- Mgr  214-470-6081

Plano D2


02B Dallas Utd (Continental)

 Marcel Pinto

 Roberto Dorado-Mgr 469-524-0232

Plano D1


03B Dallas Utd (Orange)  *

 Ignacio Barbero  214-632-3320

 Scott Faris  214-417-0900

Plano D

05G Dallas Utd (Black)

 Shelly Tidwell Garner

 Ashley Wade-Mgr  817-247-3459

Plano D2


04B Dallas Utd (Red)

 Marcel Pinto

 Valerie Eckardt-Mgr 


Dallas United 05 (Etri)  Jim Etri 214-566-6073

Plano Premier


Academy Teams


Playing League

Dallas United 04B

Marcel Pinto 678-361-0588


Dallas United 04B Blue

Marcel Pinto 678-361-0588


Dallas United 04G

Marcel Pinto 678-361-0588


Dallas United 05B

Cameron Brown 214-566-1628


Dallas United 05G

Marcel Pinto 678-361-0588


Dallas United 06G

Marcel Pinto 678-361-0588


Dallas United 07G

Marcel Pinto 678-361-0588  

   * Need Players



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