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Safe Sport Link for all Adults involved with LHSA teams.



Taking care of the mighty hamstring, a Soccer America article on injury prevention and overall performance.

Benefits of a Silent Sideline - How we can support our teams without screaming!

New Uniform Program
LHSA has partnered with XARA Soccer to provide LHSA teams with a quality, cost effective uniform package.   New uniform packages and prices are set forth on the New Uniform Package Sheet and when ordered using the Order Form.  Orders can only be made by the coach of the team.  

Coaching Articles from Soccer America and Other Organizations

LHSA Coaches - Registration

Remember to register yourself as a Coach, assistant Coach, Trainer, or Manager when you register online. We need full information to stay in touch and provide you full service. Due to the costs LHSA incurs for each Coach, Assistant Coach, Trainer, or Manager, there is a $5.00 fee to register. Use the following Link: Coaches Registration

Risk Management Forms for Coaches, Managers, Referees and other Volunteers
LHSA and its parent organization, NTSSA, have required all coaches, managers, adult referees and other volunteers to fill-out the Volunteer Application form, commonly referred to as the Risk Management Form, which was used to check the background on our volunteers to protect the children from exposure to unsavory characters. We now have a better method of doing this with an ONLINE form---which makes it easier to use, avoids the existence of paper containing any confidential information which had to flow through the LHSA office, allows the clearance determination to be obtained immediately by the volunteer, and can be done well in advance of the coaches meeting (we will not be giving out Volunteer cards to anyone who has not been cleared through the new system). ALL COACHES, MANAGERS, ADULT REFEREES, AND OTHER VOLUNTEERS ARE REQUESTED TO IMMEDIATELY COMPLETE THIS FORM. Please click the Volunteer page on the left for more details on this confidential, easy to use system, and to find the link to the online site for completion of this form.


Online Awareness / Prevention Training Online awareness/prevention training is available at no cost to North Texas State Soccer Association Coaches, Managers and Team Contacts through the U.S. Center for SafeSport and consists of three (3) training modules, which include:  Sexual Misconduct Awareness Education  Mandatory Reporting  Emotional and Physical Misconduct To enroll in this program, click on the link below, click on “Sign In,” click on “Register”.  To register or learn more:  Note: When registering, GotSoccer account users are encouraged to use the exact same name (first, last) & e-mail address in the SafeSport registration process as it appears in the users GotSoccer account.  When prompted to ‘Add Membership’, select ‘U.S. Soccer’ as your Organization and enter the access code (below).  Access code (case sensitive): YC3E-6P5G-YYIL-CS2M  In order to complete your course registration you will receive an email to confirm your email address. You must click the activation link in the email to activate your account.  Upon account login, users will be directed to the ‘SafeSport Learning Dashboard’ where users can begin the training modules.  In order to be considered ‘SafeSport Trained’ all three (3) training modules must be successfully completed.  Upon completion of the three (3) training modules, print out your ‘SafeSport Trained’ certificate and keep on file.  Once completed, the SafeSport Trained Certification is valid for two (2) years. A refresher course will be offered every two (2) years to maintain your SafeSport Trained Certification. Currently, the U.S. Center for SafeSport training modules are only available through the process listed above. NTSSA Adult Members who complete the training through the U.S. Center for SafeSports website will not need to complete the training modules again once an API (Application Programming Interface) solution that interacts with NTSSA’s online registration provider is available. 

English link:


Coaching License
All LHSA coaches are required to have completed at a minimum an NTSSA "Grassroots" level licensee by their second season of coaching.  LHSA will reimburse any course fee paid by a coach once we receive notification from NTSSA of the coach’s completion of all sessions. Please note, you must complete your online classroom session before attending any field session and you will not be given credit until all sessions are complete.

For more information on the web about NTSSA coaching clinics CLICK HERE

Coaches Registration Review Procedures
Due to numerous requests, LHSA now has adopted online registration to permit the Team Coach to view online all players from the prior season's team who have registered for the current season, except during the registration period for U4 thru U10 teams. Here are the directions to do that:

(1)  In order to use this procedure, the team coach must have already registered online as the team coach (which must be the same coach as the prior season).

(2)  Follow this REGISTRATION LINK

(3)  Enter your username and password and click Login. If you do not know your username/password, click the link "I don't know my User Name and/or Password" and enter your email address and the system will email you your username/password. If you do not receive your login via email, please contact LHSA or SportsPilot Technical Support at 214-472-3419.

(4)  Once you are logged into your profile, you can...

Edit your Personal Information
Register for opened events
Download Documents from LHSA
View or Print a generic/non-official Team Roster
Manage Team Roster
Email Selected Individuals or your entire Team Roster
Print Player Information Report with parent information
Edit player jersey numbers
Create team events and email event schedules
Create team blackout dates and email
Review your History with SportsPilot
View which parents have volunteered for LHSA

General Coaching Information
Remember to bring your Coaching Card and Official Team Roster to each game.  The coaching card must be presented to the referee prior to the game kickoff.  Your Official Team Roster may be requested at any game.

Also remember to always have Medical Releases for all players -- at all games and practices. 

Game Reports, filled-out ENTIRELY, are to be presented to the Referee at the start of each game. The Referee will return your Game Report at the end of the game, and the form should be submitted promptly to your commissioner according to your league's procedures.  Blank game reports are available online on the LHSA Forms page.

Special Note - By your second season of coaching you must have completed at a minimum the NTSSA U6/U8 Youth Module to get your Coaching Card this year.  (You must show a copy of your license at the pre-season Coaches Meeting to get your card.)  No card -- no coaching.  You must present your coaching card to the referee prior to each game.

To whom do I complain about the refereeing at a LHSA Game?
Your first source of information about the Laws of the Game (other than the Laws themselves) should be your coach. If your coach cannot satisfactorily explain your question, please contact our Vice President - Referee. Go to the Administrative page and click on Officers in the drop-down menu to email the VP-Referees.    HOWEVER, complaints or compliments about LHSA referees must be reported by the COACH only and the Coach should use the designated space on the Game Report form

Coaches, please encourage your U6 - U10 players to attend the free, professionally-coached clinics at Moss Fields.  This is a great opportunity for you to pick up new coaching techniques as well!  See the Players page for details and more information.



Coaching Youth Soccer in LHSA -
New Coach or old hand, Here are a few pointers to guide you. (New)

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