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General Information


Area served by LHSA

***Due to Rules changes by NTSSA, there are no longer Zip Code boundaries for players***

LHSA now serves all areas!




Registration Tips

  • Your user ID and Password are case sensitive so make sure you enter them the way they appear on your prior season's receipt. If you are a Returning player, and have forgotten your User ID or Password, Select the "forgot your User ID or Password " link  after selecting the Program and League.  
  • Always use Sentence Case when filling out the registration form. Do not use ALL CAPS or all lower case.
  • Always register with your players legal name as on Birth Certificate.  Do not use nick names or middle names.
  • If you are a first time player, you must e-mail (, fax (fax 214-221-0804), or mail a copy of your players Birth Certificate or Passport to the LHSA Office PO Box 38353, Dallas, TX 75243 as a condition to be eligible to play.
  • Do not send the Medical Release form to the office, that goes to your coach so medical treatment can be administered if a child gets hurt at practice or a game and a parent is not available.
  • Use the notes box on the Online registration form to note any special requests, i.e. I would like to play for coach Smith, or I would like to play with my classmates from ABC School, etc. All requests are examined but none are guaranteed.

LHSA has a strict "No Refund" Policy.

Fall registration period starts 6/01/2024.   All you do is register your player, LHSA will form the teams for the players. Parent/Coach formed teams are not allowed.  To start a registration CLICK HERE

Please consider sharing your gently-used soccer shoes. There will be a box at the LHSA office and at registration for drop-off, and if your child needs a pair, please help yourself.

Registration forms
Registration forms will be available at in-person registration, or may be downloaded on the Forms page in Word or PDF format to print out. 

Fees and age groups
Fall 2024 - Spring 2025

Birth Date League Fee
Birth Year - 2008 Under-17 $100.00
Birth Year - 2009 Under 16 $100.00
Birth Year - 2010 Under 15 $100.00
Birth Year - 2011 Under-14 $100.00
Birth Year - 2012 Under-13 $100.00
Birth Year - 2013 Under-12 $100.00
Birth Year - 2014 Under-11 $100.00
Birth year - 2015 Under-10 $100.00
Birth Year - 2016 Under-9 $100.00
Birth Year - 2017 Under-8 $100.00
Birth Year - 2018 Under-7 $100.00
Birth Year - 2019 Under-6 $85.00
Birth Year - 2020 Under-5 $85.00
Birth Year - 2021 Under-4 $85.00
Birth Year - 2022 Under-3 $85.00
Birth Year - 1/1/2022 - 8/31/2022 Under-3

No refunds will be given after registration. 


LHSA Recreational Soccer


Please note the coach role of "Trainer" that has been added.  If you are not the head coach and just train a team, please select "Trainer" as your role.


1.  Register Online or In-Person: 

      A.  To register Online, Click Here:  REGISTRATION.   

  • We have a new streamlined process; see Below for information on how to use.
  •  Please disable any "SPAM" protection to allow e-mail from address. (Please note - only Visa or Master Card are accepted - we apologize for any inconvenience)

    B. To Register In-Person:

  • Complete Registration Form (available at registration or from office)
  • Attach cash or check for the appropriate fee shown in the Registration Fee Table on the General Information page.  A fee of $35.00 will be charged for any check returned as NSF or otherwise unpaid.  A fee of $20.00 will be charged for any registration form received during the Late Registration period noted below in Registration Dates. 
    C. LHSA has a strict "No Refund" Policy.

2. Proof of Birthdate Required:  

  • If the registration is for a new player, submit AS SOON AS POSSIBLE a copy of his/her official, government-issued birth certificate or Passport to the LHSA office by email to; by fax to 214-221-0804; by mail to P.O. Box 38353, Dallas, TX 75238; or by personal delivery to 9304 Forest Ln., Suite N-174, Dallas, TX (office hours:M-F 9am - 5pm).  The player will not be eligible to play until this has been received.

LHSA Streamlined Registration Process

In an effort to streamline and simplify the registration process, LHSA implemented a streamlined registration process.  These improvements will allow families to have only one User ID and Password (which you will select) to remember to register the entire family as players or coaches.  Individuals that register will use the same process as families.  Additional players or coaches can be added at any time without changing the User ID and Password. Please follow the instructions below to register and set up your new login.  There is a video link included to help with this process:  youtube link .     If you still have questions, please don't hesitate to call the LHSA office at (214) 221-0808 for help.

New Registration Instructions:

1. Login
a. When asked to login, login with any of the usernames and passwords you have with LHSA

b. This could be your child’s player account, or your own coach account

2.  Select Role
a. On the next page you will see a list of your registered family members

b. Mark anyone that is a Guardian as a Parent

c. Mark the children as Players

d. If a Player’s or Parent’s name is included twice, mark one of the names as “Duplicate”

e. Hit Continue after selecting your Family Roles

3. Login Name and Password
a. On the next screen you will have the option to edit your login details to whatever you please

b. You will be able to use this username and password to register all participants in your family

c. Hit Submit when finished

4. Registration of Players and Coaches
a. On the next page you will be given the option to register players and coaches

b. Select the “Register Player” button next to your child’s name to register as usual

c. Repeat for any additional players or coaches

LHSA has a strict "No Refund" Policy.



6/1/2024 - 7/27/2024

REGULAR Registration period for Online or In-Person Registration.



IN-PERSON Registration at LHSA Office, 9:00 am - 4:30 pm  Monday - Friday,  9304 Forest Ln, Suite N174, Dallas, TX 75243 map it!
7/28/2024 - 10/6/2024 LATE Registration period for online or in person at LHSA offices. Late registration is sometimes allowed during the dates shown to the left, depending on whether teams still need players.  Late Registrations put players back into the player pool for team assignments (they are not guaranteed to be added back to a prior team).  A $20.00 late fee is charged for any late registration.


Opening day is Saturday, Sept. 7th  the last day for games is Sunday Nov 24th.

Registration policies and procedures
Be sure to read the registration policies and procedures below.  For LHSA contact information, click on the Board/Commissioners Page.

  • Lake Highlands Soccer Association does not accept parent/coach formed teams -- LHSA will assign returning players to the same team, and new players to an existing or LHSA formed new team. 
  • Rosters for new teams are constructed by LHSA according to LHSA Rules and Regulations (available on the Forms page). 
  • Placement of new players on existing teams will be determined by LHSA according to space availability and other criteria outlined in the LHSA Rules and Regulations available on the Forms page.
  • Roster sizes are limited and a team cannot exceed the roster limit for players in a particular age level. 
  • New or returning players may request a particular team or coach, or to "play up" using the Special Request form (available on the Forms page); however, placement is not guaranteed. Special requests made without this form might be missed or overlooked.

Registration forms
Registration forms will be available at in-person registration, or may be downloaded on the Forms page in Word or PDF format to print out.

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